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AAS Solar Physics Divison American Astronomical Society
BASS 2000 BAse Solaire Sol 2000
ESA European Space Agency
FITS Support Office Flexible Image Transport System
GCDIS U. S. Global Change Data and Information System
GONG Global Oscillation Network Group
RHESSI Raman High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager
IAU International Astronomical Union
IDL User's Library Interactive Data Language
MaxMillenium Max Millenium Program of Solar Flare Research
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NOAA/NGDC National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Geophysical Data Center
NSO Digital Library National Solar Observatory Online Archive
SDO Solar Dynamics Observatory
SIDC Sunspot Index Data Center
SOHO Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
SolarSoft An IDL software package for Solar Data Analysis
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch Space Weather, Solar & Geophysical Support Service
Space Weather Prediction Center Space Environment Center of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Space News from SPACE.com
SpaceWeather.com Science news and information about the Sun-Earth environment
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