Sonnendaten und Software

Solar Monitor Active Region Monitor with most recent Solar images by Trinity College Ireland
Virtual Solar Observatory Search for solar data worldwide by NASA/SDAC
Observe the Sun Daily graphical information of solar features, by Russian Science Foundation
Sun Today SDO AIA images and solar events by AIA Team
Helioviewer Display solar data from varius data sources by ESA/NASA
JHelioviewer Display solar data from varius data sources by ESA
ESA - SSA Current Space Weather by ESA
Space Weather Prediction Center Space weather and related data by NOAA
iSolSearch Heliophysics Events Knowledgebase by LMSAL
National Centers for Environmental Information NOAA data center and archive
SunPy Python library for Solar Physics data analysis and visualization
SolarSoft software libraries for solar observations written in IDL originally created by Lockheed-Martin
GNU Data Language free alternative to IDL (Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows, OSX)
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