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Presentation of the Kanzelhöhe Observatory for solar and environmental research

Kanzelhöhe Observatory is the only observatory in Austria in this respect and it is affiliated to the Institute of Physics at the Karl-Franzens University Graz, department of Geophysics, Astrophysics and Meteorology. Tasks are the systematical observation of the Sun and the climate and furthermore the development of instruments.

Location N 46°40.7' E 13°54.1' Elevation 1526m

Located on the Gerlitzen, near to Villach (a large city in Carinthia near to the border to Italy). The site consists of the main building and three domes for observations. In the main building all of the extra facilities are situated. On top of the mountain there are two more domes, one is used by Astronomical Society of Carinthia for stellar astronomy.
Due to the distance to other research facilities and universities the observatory has an independent infrastructure. The good equiped workshop enables the staff to do all the necessary mechanical, electrical and electronical work. There are even machines for polishing lenses. In fact nearly all of the special instrumentes are "homemade". Today almost all of the observations and measurements are obtained and saved digital form. In real time most of them can be accessed by Internet from all over the world. In a substantial library more than 1000 books and journals are kept. The archives contains all research results and observations since the beginning more than 75 years ago.

The good weather conditions especially in autumn and winter - particularly for long term observations - offer advantages, which makes the Kanzelhöhe an ideal complement for the few huge solar telescopes of the world. In cooperation with the astronomers and geophysicists in Graz a broad international collaboration with solar physicists from all over the world was established.
Financial support is given by the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the government of Carinthia.

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On top of the Gerlitzen there is an observatory (solar and stellar) which is open for public and on request there are also guided tours. You can get more information about Gerlitzen Observatory by » Astronomical Society of Carinthia.

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