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Scientific Objectives...

Kanzelhöhe Observatory is the laboratory for the Institute of Geophysics, Astrophysics and Meteorology. Tasks are the realisation of the experimental research of the working groups and contributions to international observing and research networks. Was physics of the Sun the focal point for a long period of time, since the founding of » IGAM and the rising public interest on climate the fields of research were extended to these subjects and also to solar irradiation and its interaction with the atmosphere. The observing programmes are defined by the scientific objectives of the working groups and are realised by

  • Development of instruments and observing methods
  • Execution of measurements and observations
  • Assessment and archiving of data

Students of related studies can do experimental work under professional supervision and get in touch with the recent research during their education. As a facility of Graz University the observatory also provides information and data for the public.

Astronomers and geophysicists are not able to perform experiments in the ordinary way, their experiments are rather sophisticated observations of phenomena of the Sun and Earth, as well as the development of special observing techniques. Due to the large scale of the objects phenomena often elapse very slowly, so an uninterrupted observation, because of the weather and the change of day and night, is only possible by a worldwide cooperation of researchers and facilities. Data are compiled in data centers and provided for different users. The contribution to data archives is not only the entree to international working groups and networks but offers also the know-how for the interpretion of external observations.

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